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Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Banking and Credit is also leads to lower growth

What happened in Europe and US? The reason of this financial and economical crises is same.Banking and credit spoil the whole story.Too much of leverage (borrowing), too much of liquidity (cash), too much of complexity and too much of greed .

India and other developing country must learn from this. At lower financial credit boost growth , while higher credit and borrowing reverse growth.

While India is country where people more believe in savings may save this country from crises but problems of high fiscal deficit, elevated inflation, currency under pressure, cost of lending, falling pace of growth have add a slowdown in economy.

Real state price in India are too much inflated that why sales are not so high as it suppose to be. It required a 30% fall from here to survive real state business in India. As of record huge inventory is still left to builder for sale.

This this point of time India need quick and good reform in every sector to improve the growth story. Even it required FDI in retails and insurance sector.