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Nifty towards new high 8250 What next ?

Nifty is roaring toward new high , almost touch 8150 and return back with 100 points down. Does it have base building near 8000 or can go below ? It is having strong support at various level 8000 7800. Nifty still a good buy on every correction. As economy grow and India sentiment improve it will go high.

If we see Dowjones , FTSE and NASDAQ all these market are almost double of their 2008 high , while Nifty 2008 high was at around 6000.  We are still very below to double of nifty 12000.

If Indian economy grow , GDP numbers improve Nifty may touch 12000 in next couple of years.So stay invested !!!

Nifty at upper level resistance at 7900

The best strategy in this market is to short nifty at 7900. Lot of trader and trading house believe that nifty highest level in this series only till 7850-7900. Once nifty reach those level , those are best level short nifty with a SL of 8000. One can easily get 200-250 points of nifty as a gain.

There is no near term news or breakthrough on positive side in market. As parliament going to start in winter session only. Before that insurance bill already pass to committee for further amendment. So in absense of any positive trigger in near future nifty may not able to sustain at these levels. Any slip below that bring down of 200-300 points.