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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indian Economy shrinking as Rupee(Re) towards free fall

Rupee against dollar making day by day new low,Indian economy is shrinking due to high inflation and fiscal deficit.The way Rupee is depreciating , a big sign that nothing is to attract investors .Policy paralysis stopping new money to come in India. Government have to take some serious action now other wise more denting in Indian economy will hurt global Indian picture in medium term.

Rupees free fall toward 54 , may be before this year end we could see this number against dollar. Indian export data also falling since not much demand from US and Europe. Although over all Asia economy is shrinking as of now but India is among leading one.

If we compare with China, although shown lower GDP growth number but it grew almost at a rate of 10% for 30 years. At some point of time it is sustaining growth.

Stock market in India may hurt or stay long in lower range of nifty around 4400-5500 for a year a so. Good idea is to stay invested and wait for profit when some turn around will happen. In Long term India is a growth story on an average of 15-25% return annually. It is always better when money is going out from stock market , keep invested and buy more because when this money will come back , one will get good profit on investments.There will be a good bidder for your stocks.