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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A longer term bear market expected in Asia

As World investor not showing any type of confidence in economy. Every where it is a fear of recession and people think that world will go in recession again. This thinking just hurting the investor . Some where there is fear also which damaging whole things.

We have to go into history and see that always some bad time arrived and then we rose after that in year and so. So better keep invested and if we get some assets in relatively good price better start investing. This will revive in year and so.

In 2008 Recession came and market damage in 2008. But it got a huge rally from 2008 end to 2011 mid. Now Again some correction or sold out is going on. It will stay for a year and so but later market will revive and go up.

No body able to predict correct when to exit and when to enter. But better we may it a habit of keep invested at lower level and exit at upper level.